Super Vendors

SuperKids Resale brings thousands of local families together under one roof for a 5 day shopping extravaganza. If families, parents or kids are the target audience for your business, then this is a SUPER easy way to promote your product or business.

Open the PDF for the vendor application with pricing.

Email Susan for more information.


Vendor Tables

Do you want to expose your products or services to thousands of local parents, families and expecting mothers? Set up a table during the four-day event (and sometimes the Presale day too) and interact with the crowd.

Vendors can decorate their tables in any way and can sell and/or display products or hand out flyers, coupons, business cards and other relevant advertising material. "Giveaways" are encouraged to increase traffic to your table, as well as build your mailing list for further promotions and sales.

Sign-Up Deadlines

  • Gresham sale: March 15

  • Jantzen Beach sale: April 15


Space for a 6 ft Table

  • $150 for the entire event

  • $50 per day

If you need to borrow a table, it is $10 for the entire event, or $5 a day.


  1. Please contact Susan first to see if there is availability for your product or service. Prior sale vendors are given the first opportunity to reserve space for our upcoming sales.

  2. Once space is confirmed, send in your application and payment to confirm your reservation. PayPal and checks are preferred payment methods. Checks won’t be cashed until the week of the sale.

  3. You will set up an hour before we open on Thursday or a half hour before on Wednesday.

    • Depending on the building location and size, you might have the opportunity to set up prior to the presale, providing FIVE full days of selling and/or marketing!

    • We recommend bringing your own comfortable chair, but we have some if you need one.

  4. You will need to break down display and have left within an hour after we close on Sunday.

View the application for a full explanation of dates and times and rules.