The ultimate shopping experience!

Shop over 100,000 deals for your kids!

While saving 50-90% off retail prices!

Support more than 500 local families!

Over 65% of every sale goes directly to participating families.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle— One burp cloth at a time!

SuperKids embodies this Pacific Northwest mantra. Save the environment while you save money!


Shopping Information

FREE admission on Public Days and FREE parking!

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted with a $10 minimum purchase.

Please leave all diaper bags, large purses and backpacks in the car.

Please keep your children with you at all times.

What You'll Find

Our sale is organized by category so you can find things easily. Come see our huge inventory!


  • Clothes from size Preemie through size 18.

  • Shoes for Infants through Juniors.

  • Accessories like Hats, Underwear, Socks, Tights, Hair Bows, Belts, Ties, and Scarves

  • We also have Juniors, Mens, and Womens clothing, including Maternity and Nursing.

Baby Supplies

  • Gear like Bouncers, Pack n Plays, Swings, Jumperoos, Walkers, Strollers, Exersaucers, High Chairs and Car Seats

  • Furniture like Cribs, Rocking Chairs, Changing Tables, Bassinets and Dressers

  • Essentials like Cloth Diapers, Baby Carriers, Diaper Bags, and Nursery Décor

  • Misc Gear Like Shopping Cart Covers, Johnny Jump Ups, Car Seat Canopies, Airplane Gear

Toys and Books!

  • AISLES AND AISLES OF TOYS, TOYS, TOYS! Lego Sets, Train Sets, Hot Wheels, Nerf Guns, Dolls, Make Believe, Building Toys, Wood Toys, and Green Toys

  • Games, Puzzles, Arts & Crafts, Scrapbooking and Party Supplies

  • Books, DVDs, and Educational Materials.

Outdoor Supplies

  • Play Structures, Bikes, Trikes, Scooters, Picnic Tables, Cozy Coupes, Slides and Basketball Hoops

  • Sporting Equipment, including Swim and Snow Gear and Nerf Guns

Feeding, Bedding, Bath & Decor

  • Cups and Plates, Nursing Accessories, Bottles

  • Blankets, Bedding Sets, Swaddlers, Boppies

  • Towels, Bath Tubs, Diaper Pails, and Room Decor like wall art and milestones!

Parent Paradise

  • Home Décor, Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets, Bath Products, Bedding, Re-gifts, Purses, Pet Stuff, Tools, Office, Electronics and More!

Holding Items

Found too many great deals to carry them all around with you? No problem! You can easily put your finds on hold for up to 2 hours. Just ask if you need to hold longer than 2 hours.

Large Items: Big Yellow Tags

Items too large to carry around, such as baby gear or outdoor equipment, will have a big yellow tag on each item.

If you are interested in buying one of these items, fill in the top part of the tag with your name and phone number, then circle the day and write the time. Tear off the bottom half of the tag that has the price tag and take this to the cash register when you are ready to check out. When you are finished paying, pick up the item on the way out and show your receipt at the door.

If you do not fill out the top part correctly, it can be sold to someone else! The door greeter will have extra pens if you need one.

Smaller Items: Hold Area

We have a hold area at each sale, usually towards the front of the building. If you have a large item you don’t want to haul around (that doesn't have a big yellow tag)—or if your IKEA bag full of clothes that is getting too heavy—just take it to the Hold Area and keep on shopping!

Important Reminders

Please watch your children at all times. Remember, all the items at the sale belong to other families trying to earn some extra cash, so respect the items.

Please don’t allow your children to ride trikes or bikes through the sale for safety reasons.

Please don’t bring in your big purses and diaper bags. Use a small purse or wallet with your essentials.


Cash will get you through the line quickest, but we also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover with a $10 minimum purchase. No American Express.

All sales are final, so inspect your items before making your final purchase.

Admission is free on regular shopping days. Parking is free.

Purchase a Pre-Sale pass to shop early here!

Shopping Tips

Shop Early - Shop Often!

Shop early for the best selection, but come back to later to find the hidden gems that pop up throughout the sale.

With the amount of items that sell and movement of items as sections are shopped, you will be amazed at the items you'll find on your 2nd and 3rd trip through!

Half-Off Sunday!

Return on Sunday to find some great half-price deals! See the Gresham or Jantzen Beach schedule for details. Items with a red or black star right above the price are 1/2 off.

Check a Size Up and Down

When shopping, be sure to check a size up or down. Each manufacturer can run a little big or small. You may find your favorite finds when looking in the other sizes!

Also shop ahead for next year and those mid-season growth spurts.

Here are some great shopping lists and size predictors from our friends at Consignment Mommies!


Will there be dressing rooms?

No, bring a list of all sizes you are shopping for as we do not have dressing rooms. A tape measure and a list of your child’s measurements is a great way to ensure you are buying the right size. Remember to measure feet or to make an outline of their foot as well.

Do I need to bring shopping bags?

Nope, we provide large IKEA bags for you to use while shopping, but you can bring a laundry basket or rolling cart to help you carry your finds while you shop.