Item Limits and Seasonal Guidelines

Item Limits

These are item limits one consignor can bring to each sale. If you have more than these limits, then ask Susan to give you another consignor number (that is close to your first number).

Total hanging Items: 400 items per consignor

  • 0-12 months: 100 items per gender per consignor

  • Maternity: 25 items per consignor

  • Junior Items at Gresham Sale: 10-15 items per consignor

  • Junior Items at Jantzen Beach: 25 items per consignor

  • Adult Items at Gresham Sale: 10-15 items per consignor

  • Adult Items at Jantzen Beach Sale: 25 items per consignor

  • Books: 50 per consignor

Items That We Do Not Accept

  • Clothing or other items with stains, rips, holes, broken zippers, missing buttons etc.

  • Obvious off-season clothing

  • Out of style clothing (usually older than 6 years)

  • Clothing or shoes with obvious adult sizing or styles, unless in adult section

  • Any Item that has been recalled. Please check to see if any of your items, especially cribs, play yards and bassinets, but also toys and clothing, have been recalled. It is illegal to sell anything recalled. Check for recalls.

  • Toys or equipment with missing batteries or pieces

  • Grab bags full of miscellaneous toys (If there is a theme, like “Bag of Dinosaurs”, that is ok)

  • Happy Meal type toys

  • Handmade blankets that are knitted or crocheted

  • Free diaper bags that hospitals give away

  • Cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011

  • Breast pumps, but accessories are OK

  • Stuffed animals or Beanie Babies, unless they are character (like Winnie the Pooh), Webkinz, Build-a-Bear, Beanie Boos, Squishmallows, puppets and animals that do something like talk

  • Crib Bumpers and infant sleep positioners

  • Car Seat Accessories (like head rests and strap padding), unless they are made by car seat manufacture

  • PJ bottoms or tops (single pieces) that were part of an obvious set

  • Bike Helmets older than 5 years old

  • Car Seats Older than 5 years old

  • Naked Barbies or Babies

  • Bags of miscellaneous bottles or bottles without caps

  • Used coloring books or Dollar Tree books

  • Cloth drawstring or reusable bags

  • Souvenir or promotional items such as cups or bags

  • Souvenir or tourist shirts except from Oregon, Washington and Disney

  • VHS Tapes

  • Adult books

Seasonal Guidelines

We do not accept items that are obviously out of season. This includes the following items.


We will not accept:

  • Bathing suits

  • Sleeveless shirts, crop/cap sleeve shirts, shorts, obvious summer skirts and dresses, spring sweaters, Hawaiian shirts

  • Flip-flops, water shoes, white dress shoes, sun hats

We will still accept:

  • Short-sleeved t-shirts

  • Athletic shorts, like soccer and basketball

  • Keen sandals, Crocs, Native sandals


We will not accept:

  • Winter coats, snow suits, heavy sweaters, winter hats

  • Flannel shirts, corduroys, and anything with a holiday or winter print (snowflakes, Christmas, Halloween)

  • Snow boots, black dress shoes

We will still accept:

  • Pants, jeans, light sweaters, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts

  • Play costumes (like superheroes and princesses, but not costumes that would only be worn for Halloween)