Drop-Off and Pick-Up


Drop Off Appointments

Drop-off times are in 30 minute increments. If you miss your appointment, you can still come anytime. These schedules are uploaded about 1.5 months prior to each sale. An email will be sent outjoin the email list on the Contact page.

Please have all your items entered into the inventory system before the deadline. See the Entering Inventory Page for specific date and time.

We will be inspecting your items after you drop them off to make sure we don’t have any stained, ripped or broken items out on the floor.

Click below to schedule your drop-off time. You may also sign up for an appointment directly from your Consignor Homepage. You can also view the drop-off times from the schedule page for your sale (Gresham, Jantzen).

If the time slot that you want is full, you can still come during that time if you cant find anything else that will work.

Drop-Off Procedure

  1. Initial by your consignor number in the Consignor Check-In Notebook by the front door.

  2. Review the Consignor Agreement that you already agreed to when registering.

  3. Complete the Car Seat Waiver Form if you are selling a car seat (located on the check-in table).

  4. Since Covid, we will not be inspecting your items when you bring them in. We will inspect items after everyone drops off. Please check your items for stains, rips, missing buttons, broken zippers, overly worn, correct season, and working batteries etc. We want to ensure that we have the highest quality items at the sale.

  5. Put your items onto the floor with the help of volunteers.

What To Expect at Drop-Offs

Drop-Off Tips

  • Allow 30-60 minutes for the drop-off process. If you have items that require assembly, please allow a longer time. You will be responsible for putting out your own items in the correct locations. There will be volunteers there to help you as well as direct you where to place things.

  • Have your items sorted by gender and size! This will save you a lot of time! You can rubber band sizes of clothes together at the top of the hangers. Or you can rotate the sizes of clothes in a different direction in the container that you are bringing your items.

  • Leave a box or bin for your unsold items. Check for instructions on how to label the box or bin with your consignor number when you drop it off. Please leave us multiple boxes if you brought a lot of stuff, about a 1/3 of what you brought. So if you brought 9 boxes of toys, leave us 3 boxes. We have large white stickers at check in to use to write your number on your box or bin.

  • If you need to make multiple trips, please sign up for the appointment when you are going to bring your largest load. You do not need to schedule another appointment. Just come when you can.

  • If some of your items are not accepted at first, you will be given the opportunity to fix or clean the object. If you need to take the item home and back again, that is acceptable.

  • Share the load. You can drop off and/or pick up items for another consignor/friend.

  • Pre-Sale Pass. Since Covid, you must register for a Presale Pass Pass online.

Suspended Due to Covid: Drop and Runs are allowed for consignors that have all their tags marked as “Donate”. The consignor doesn’t have to wait to see what is accepted or rejected, except for large items (that can be taken home if they can’t be accepted). Anything not accepted will be donated to charity before the sale.

Pick-Ups: Monday After Sale from 1-7pm

Pick-Up Schedule

You can view the pick-up times from the schedule page for your sale (Gresham, Jantzen).

You do not need an appointment, just come anytime within the time range.

Pick-Up Procedure

There will be volunteers at the sale to help you through the process of locating your items.

  1. Check Out Table: Stop at the check out table for directions on how to locate your items and to confirm how many work shifts you completed.

  2. Clothing: Your clothes will be hanging on the racks in numerical order by consignor number marked by a cardboard divider. There might be a separate rack for seasonal items like costumes or coats. These items will be in 100’s order.

  3. Box: Locate your bin or your box with your consignor number on it with items such as toys, books, bedding, hats, shoes etc.

    • Even if you did not bring anything besides clothes, please check for a box in case something fell off a hanger and was placed in a box.

  4. Large Item Section: Check this area for any large item that you brought, such as a stroller, bike or bath tub (things that don't fit in a box).

  5. Books: Check the book area for your books. They will be sorted into 100s. IE, look through the 800 box if your number is 833.

  6. Maternity, Adult and Teen Clothing: These clothing items will not be sorted in with your kids clothing. They will be left on their original racks and be sorted into the 100s if we have time.

  7. Parent Paradise: Locate your items in their original location at the sale. Parent Paradise items are never sorted because some things are too fragile or large.

  8. “Missing Tag”, “Out of Season” and “Stain” Items: Check these racks for any of your items.

  9. Hangers: Pick up hangers to replenish your supply for the next sale.

  10. Car: Bring your unsold items back to your car.

  11. Bargain Buck Sale: Come back in and shop this sale. See below for better description.

Pick-Up Tips

  • All items not picked up by 8pm will be donated, unless you TEXT Susan at 503-866-1875.

  • If you cannot pick up your unsold items, please make arrangements for someone else to pick them up for you.

  • Please note that anyone who says they will pick up their unsold items, but does not show up or send someone to pick them up, you will be charged a $10 fine. There is a tremendous effort that goes into sorting your stuff, so if you don’t plan on coming, then just mark your items as ‘Donate’. Thanks for your understanding.

Bargain Buck Sale

Any item that has been marked to be donated will be able to be purchased for a steal at this sale just for consignors.

  • This is a cash-only sale!

  • There is a limit of 20 items per consignor.

  • Please pick up your unsold items first and bring them to your car, then come back to shop.

Pricing is $1 for every $5 of the original price. For example, if original price is $1-$5 = $1, $6-$10 = $2, $11-15 = $3 and so on.

The money earned from this sale will be given to the charity, so the consignors do not receive credit. This money will help the charity buy other things that they might need.

Donations to Local Charities

SuperKids Resale helps even more local families in need by donating the leftover items to multiple charities. For each sale, we try to share the donations among a variety of charities and are always looking for new ones. If you would like your charity to be considered to receive future donations, please email Susan.

In the past, the sales have donated to:

  • Snow Cap

  • Teen Challenge

  • Oregon Department of Human Services

  • Clackamas County Community Services

  • Birch Community Services

  • Foster Parent’s Closet

  • My Father’s House

  • Pregnancy Resource Center

  • Northwest Children’s Outreach

  • Portland Adventist Community Services

  • Lots of local school and church clothes closets, homeless shelters, and numerous international clothing and shoe drives.

If you are a consignor that is donating items, you will be able to print out an itemized Donation Report when the sale is over.

To mark your items for donation, see the "Donate" section under "Entering Items" on the Entering Inventory page.