Transferring Your Inventory

Sell at Both Sales!

Register For Both Sales

You can sell at the Gresham sale and the Jantzen Beach sale without having to re-tag! Start by going to the last part of the Register page for instructions to get the same consignor number registered at both sales.

Before You Transfer

Before you start transferring your inventory, here are some things you need to know.

  1. Make sure your account that you are transferring to is empty (we will call this your “Receiving Account”). If you have items in your receiving account and then transfer items to that account, the receiving account inventory will be overwritten.

    • If you want to add new inventory to your account between sale dates, make sure you are adding them to wherever the rest of your inventory is. We suggest you transfer your items first, then add your new inventory.

    • You should move ALL of your inventory. Don’t leave some items in the other account. For example, don’t leave your Fall items in your Gresham account and only transfer your Spring Items to Jantzen Beach. If you are not going to sell it because it is the wrong season, then just deactivate it. That way the other account is always empty.

  2. Keep your inventory clean. We will delete your SOLD items after each sale. You need to delete any items that were lost in the shuffle, items you picked up but then donated on the spot, items you took home but later donated, and anything you gave away to friends.

    • After the sale is over, you can print an itemized report of your sales if you want. You can also print if you donated things that didn’t sell.

  3. If you want to make any changes to your item in the inventory, you need to print a new tag. If you change the price, discount option, or donate option, you need to print a new tag.

    • If you don’t reprint, and your tag shows one price and the system shows a different price, then this becomes a problem for the volunteers at the register and causes confusion. This may lead to the register person missing another item.

  4. If you delete an item by mistake and re-enter it, you need to print a new tag. That item will be assigned a new item number and the tag must match the inventory.

    • When the checkout lines are long, we can’t take too much time to figure out your error and may opt to not sell that item if it is taking too long to figure out.

Transferring Your Inventory

Once the first sale (Sale A) is over, you will need to transfer your inventory to the second one (Sale B).

  1. Go to Sale A's Consignor Homepage. Go to “Menu”, "Work With Consigned Inventory", “Transfer Inventory” and finally “Move Inventory Out”.

  2. Select Sale B, which you want to transfer your items to, and enter your Sale B consignor number.

  3. Check ALL your items and hit “Submit Transfer”.

    • The system creates a “batch” of your items that hangs out in cyberspace until you receive them into Sale B.

  4. Now close the website and then go back to the main SuperKids site and login in to Sale B. DO NOT KEEP ONE BROWSER OPEN WITH ONE SALE AND A DIFFERENT BROWSER WITH THE OTHER SALE. Go to Sale B's "Menu” , “Work with Consigned Inventory”, “Transfer Inventory” and finally “Receive Inventory In”.

  5. You will see the “batch” created in step 3. Select this and hit “Receive”.

Activating or Inactivating Your Seasonal Items

If you are consigning only at one sale (either Sale A or Sale B), then when you register for the next sale, all of your items will be "inactive". You will need to activate the items that you are bringing before you start adding new inventory. If you don’t do this, your items won’t be able to be sold at the sale.

Just go to Menu, “Work with Consigned Inventory”, "Inactive Inventory" and then Activate the items you are bringing. Please only activate items you are bringing. So if it is a Spring sale, do not activate your winter items.

But if you are transferring from Sale A to Sale B, all your items will automatically become "active". So you will need to "inactivate" the items that you are not bringing.

If you want to change the price of an item from a previous sale, or change it to include it in the 1/2 price sale, you MUST reprint the tag! The barcode needs updating.