Register to Consign


New Consignors

Welcome! We are glad to have you join us! Click the link to the sale you would like to register for.

Returning Consignors

Welcome back! Click the link to the sale you would like to register for to reactivate your consignor number for the next sale.

If you cannot remember your password, still click the link and you will get directions on how to retrieve your password.

In the process of registering, you will be directed to Paypal to pay your $12.50 registration fee. If this presents a hardship for you, please contact Susan for arrangements to pay with your earnings (out of your check). You do not need to have Paypal to pay but can pay as a guest instead.

Further Information

Consignor Homepages

Once you have registered and have your consignor number and password, click the clouds below to:

  • Register or unregister for the next sale

  • Update your personal account information (phone, email, or address)

  • Work with your online inventory of items that you are selling

  • Sign up for a volunteer shift(s) during the sale

  • Cancel or edit your volunteer shift(s).

These clouds can also be found on the Home page.

For more on volunteering, see the Get Perks and Volunteer Team pages.

Activate Your Inventory

Remember you will need to "activate" your items from a previous sale. Please try to only activate what you are bringing (IE dont activate winter coats that you are not bringing to the spring sale). If you are transferring inventory, all your items will automatically become "active". So we ask that you "inactivate" what you are not bringing. You will see "Inactive Inventory" on the Consignor Inventory Menu.

Sell at Both Sales!

Yes, you can consign at both of the sales without having to retag! You will need to register for each sale that you want to participate in separately.

If you would like to sell at both sales:

  • First, register for the Gresham sale.

  • Once you have a consignor number for the Gresham sale, register for Jantzen Beach.

  • While registering for Jantzen Beach there will be a box where you can ask to use your same consignor number.

If you did the reverse and already have a consignor number for Jantzen Beach, then email Susan or text her at 503-866-1875 to request your same number for the Gresham sale. We also suggest you keep the same password at all sales.

After one sale is complete, then you will need to transfer your inventory to the next sale without having to re-tag. See the last part of the Transferring Inventory page for instructions.

Referral Incentive!

Easy $5!

Refer a new consignor and you will receive an extra $5 in your earnings check. There is no limit to the number of referrals you make.

Just make sure your friend knows to choose OTHER and list your name in the "Referred By" field when they register.

Both you and the new consignor must show up to consign to receive this bonus.

Fundraising Opportunities

It is Super Easy to raise money for your school or organization. There are 2 ways of doing this:

  1. Sign up your school or organization as a consignor.

    • Super Kids will make a personalized flyer for your school to pass out to your students promoting the fundraiser. Parents will bring their items to your school by a certain day as a donation to the fundraiser, then you need to find volunteers to tag all the donated items and bring them to the sale.

    • As a consignor, your school would earn 65% just like any other consignor. If you send us 1 worker to fill 1 shift, your school would earn 70% of your sales! Or send us 5 workers to fill 5 shifts, your school would earn 80% of your sales!

    • Your volunteers from your school would be able to shop the Worker Presale too (even if they helped tag, but didn’t work at the sale). We will give you enough passes for your volunteers to reward them for helping out.

    • Several schools have participated in the past with one PTA earning close to $1000. This would be a great fundraiser for a Charter school!

    • Email Susan for more details.

  2. Sign up to consign and on your own and donate a portion of your earnings to your school.

    • When you register, write your school name as the referral source so we can apply the earnings accordingly.

    • You can give your school any % of your earnings that you want. Here is an example: Volunteer to work one shift and you receive 50% of your sales and your school receives 20%.