What's New Fall 2024

So if you have an item that has been in 4 sales, please consider lowering the price or donating, especially if it $1-3.  Or if you have an item for $1-2 and 1/2 price, maybe donating after one sale would be a good idea. For clothing you can let an item go through that season 2 times (IE if it is a coat, then you can let it go through 2 fall sales).  It is not as time consuming to sort a shirt (assuming you have other clothes) than to sort an item into a box.   As sorters we have been sorting the same items sale after sale and we are spending way too much time on low value items at 1-2am!

If you have a tag without a year, then please do not bring these items to the sale. If we find any item over the time limit, we will bring the item to the rejected area with your tag stapled.  


Look at the Item Restrictions page for a full list of acceptable/unacceptable items and seasonal guidelines.