What and How to Tag

Consignor Guidelines

Open this PDF for the new Consignor Guidelines. This is a handy reference that you can use or print out on how to get started with tagging tips, seasonal and pricing guidelines and other useful information.


Supplies You Need

These are the things you need to get ready to tag your items. Watch the video first. See below for a full description of how to tag your items.

  1. Computer and Printer: Access to a computer with internet service to input your inventory into your account and a printer to print your tags.

  2. Cardstock Paper and Scissors: Cardstock paper (65-67 lb weight) for printing and scissors or a paper cutter for cutting your tags. White or light color cardstock works better. Please don’t use red or other dark colors. Tags print 10 to a page. See TAGGING TIPS to find the best locations to buy cardstock.

  3. Tagging Gun: Tagging guns are super fast and more secure! They also are less damaging to the clothing than safety pins. Safety pins are no longer allowed. See TAGGING TIPS to find out how to buy a tagging gun.

  4. Hangers: All your items must be brought to the sale on hangers. Wire hangers are no longer accepted. See TAGGING TIPS to find the best locations to get free or cheap hangers.

  5. Cleaning Supplies: Magic Eraser, Awesome Spray from Dollar Tree, Tide Pen, Goo Gone, and a lint brush are all helpful.

  6. Ziploc Bags: Ziploc bags for grouping items together. A range of sizes from snack to giant! We also have a supply at the sale when you drop off if you need a special size.

  7. Tape Etc: Clear packaging tape for securing bags closed and attaching the tags to toys etc. Scotch tape for attaching tags to games, puzzles or books. Rubber bands for rolling bedding items or holding multiple items together. Do not use tape on shoes.

  8. Hole Punch: Hole punch to punch a hole in the tag for your ziptie to go through.

  9. Zip Ties: Zip ties help you attach shoes together or other miscellaneous items together.

  10. Batteries: Any item that operates with a battery must have working batteries.

Tagging Supplies You Will Need

What to Sell and How to Tag

There are restrictions on what kind, condition, and quantity of items can be sold at SuperKids!

For details on seasonal restrictions, item limits, and items excluded from sale, see the Item Restrictions page.

General Presentation

It is always preferred to not put an item in a Ziploc bag. If you can find a way to zip-tie the tag to the item instead, that is the best. If you have had an item in the sale for a couple sales and the Ziploc bag looks old, please replace the bag.


We accept clothes for babies and children, sizes preemie up to size 18/20 and Maternity and nursing clothes in good condition.

Junior sizes and Adult sizes are also allowed. Each specific sale will have item limits that will be set based on the building size. These will be listed on the "What's New" page.

We also accept costumes, sport and scout uniforms, dance, gymnastics and karate outfits.

We cannot accept items with stains, holes, overly worn, or with missing parts. Try to get stains out (stain pen) and fix zippers, etc. so you can increase the chances these items will sell.

Hanging and Tagging Clothing: Check out the How To Hang and Tag Clothing Video first.

Please hang clothes on plastic hangers (see the Tagging Tips for hanger sources). We do not accept wire hangers anymore. Face hanger to the left like a question mark (?), as shown in the picture.

Please attach your tag under the armpit where all the seams come together, in the seam. This way all the tags are in one location for easy viewing for shoppers and sorters. You can attach the tag to the inside seam for short sleeve shirts (middle picture).

Pant hangers make it easy to hang pants, but if needed you can safety pin your pants to a hanger with a notch. Do not pin them to the bottom part of a tubular type hanger, or they will slide back and forth on the hanger.

You will have the opportunity to get replacement hangers at the end of the sale during pick up times. Please zip all zippers and snap the snaps of onesies!

How To Hang and Tag Clothing

Clothing Sets: For clothing sets, the preferred method is to have an outfit hanger. Or you can use a hanger for each item and then rubber band together.

PLEASE don’t attach clothing items to clothing items with a safety pin or tagging gun. Please describe all pieces/ parts on only one tag. Please do not attach more than one tag per set. Please do not make mismatched outfits, or outfits with differing sizing.

Tagging Guns: A tagging gun is now the ONLY way to attach your tags to your garments (contact Susan to buy one). Be sure to place the needle through a seam in the armpit for a shirt or somewhere unnoticeable so you don’t damage the garment. For pants, you can place the needle under a belt loop or in the pocket. If you want, you can borrow a tagging gun, if you cover the cost of the barbs you use. Just contact Susan.

For outfits, if you don't have an outfit hanger, use a separate hanger for each item and secure the hangers together with tape, a zip tie, or a rubber band. Do not use safety pins or tagging barbs to secure one clothing item to another item or this will create a hole. Don't pin the pants to the bottom of the shirt.

Onesies, Underwear, Socks and Hats: Underwear, socks, etc. can be grouped by size and placed in a Ziploc with one tag (or if there are just a couple, you can use your tagging gun to attach them together). Place the tag on the inside of the bag. Use packing tape to seal the bag shut to prevent items from being taken out.

Onesies can be grouped together and must be hung on a hanger. Use a different hanger for each one or use a hanger meant for multiple items, or you can hang just one on a hanger. Onesies in bags will not be allowed because the shoppers are not able to see the items.

Hats will be hung on a grid wall with clothespins, so do not put them in a Ziploc bag. You can attach multiple hats together with a gun.

With socks, please lay your socks flat in the bag and not balled up, or use a your tagging gun to attach them together if you just have a couple. This is so the shopper can see what they look like.


Check out the How To Tag Shoes Video first. Please be picky on shoes, because shoppers will be!

The best way to attach the tag to the shoes is to punch a hole in the tag and then zip tie the shoes together through the loop on the heel or through the shoelace holes. You can put a piece of tape over the edge of the tape before you make the hole to reinforce it from falling off. If there is absolutely no way to attach the shoes together, you can place them a Ziploc bag and use packing tape to seal the bag shut, or just bring them with you to Drop Off and we will help you figure out a way to display them.

Do NOT put tape around shoes to keep them together. The tape will leave sticky residue. Do NOT use tape to attach your tags to shoes. The tag will fall off. If you have a shoe box that belongs to the shoes, still put the tag on the shoes and not on the box, in case they get separated.

If you have expensive shoes (over $20), please ask for them to be zip-tied to the rack themselves.

Please clean your shoes before arriving. Magic erasers do wonders on the white rubber on a lot of shoes. We will have magic erasers and Awesome spray at dropoffs if you need to use. We do not allow scuffed shoes.

How To Tag Shoes and Socks

3. Toys, Books, Games, Puzzles, Movies

Check out the How To Tag Books, Toys, Games, Puzzles Video first.

Toys: Must be clean and in working order, with working batteries. Clear packing tape can be used to attach tags to most toy items. If we have to put in a battery to sell your item, your account will be charged.

Secure loose toy parts (like balls) in a Ziploc taped at the top and then secure it to the toy with more packing tape. Zip ties are the strongest way to secure items together, so be creative. Also see #9 below for instructions on how to tag multiple piece items.

Books: Please ONLY use clear scotch tape (preferred) or painter's tape instead of packing tape. If you use painter's tape, make sure you don’t cover the barcode or your consignor number. Scotch tape will make it easier to keep your barcode visible. Please tape on the FRONT of the book.

Games and Puzzles: Please ONLY use clear scotch tape or painter's tape instead of packing tape so that the box doesn’t rip. Puzzles are displayed best by wrapping stretch wrap around it and then taped. Put a rubber band around game boxes so they stay together, but seal a couple sides with scotch tape.

PLEASE make sure ALL pieces are there. Shoppers are very disappointed if they buy something without all the pieces (and we have to return them). If you have a game like Operation with lots of pieces, but them in a ziploc bag inside the box.

We do not accept Stuffed Animals unless they are a popular character such as Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, etc, Webkinz, Build-A-Bear, Squishmallows, or animals that do something or make sounds. Beanie Babies are not accepted, but we accept Beanie Boos. Puppets are accepted.

How To Tag Books, Toys, Games, and Puzzles

How To Tag Toys

4. Baby Equipment

You can bring swings, strollers, bouncers, walkers, bassinets, exersaucers, high chairs, pack n plays, booster seats, and so much more!

If you have equipment that requires assembly, please bring the proper tools for assembly. You are responsible for putting the item together. This helps sell your item.

If you have the original manual to the equipment, put the manual in a Ziploc bag and tape or safety pin it to the item.

All baby equipment should be clean, complete and in good working condition. If your item uses batteries, they must be included and working (we will have some for sale during drop offs). If we have to put in a battery to sell your item, your account will be charged.

Package smaller items such as bottles, utensils, bibs, and rattles into Ziploc bags, unless you can zip-tie the tag to the item instead.

5. Furniture

You can bring in changing tables, cribs, rocking chairs, toy chests, table and chair sets, bookshelves, desks, twin beds, toddler beds and bunk beds.

Please bring the proper tools for assembly. You are responsible for putting them together.

We only accept cribs that pass the new crib regulations as of June 28, 2011.

6. Bedding and Bath

Check out the How To Tag Bedding Video first.

For most blankets and towels, please roll them up and place a rubber band around the item. There will be some hanging racks available for larger blankets and towels if you would like to put them on a pant hanger.

Please do not bring single flat sheets (without the fitted matching sheet).

For multiple piece bedding sets, place all the pieces into a large clear plastic bag. You can even take a picture of all the items and face it out. If they cannot all fit in a bag, please see #9 below for instructions on how to tag multiple piece items.

We will no longer accept any handmade blankets, crocheted or knitted. We will accept handmade fleece blankets with a popular character, theme, or sports team.

How To Tag Bedding

7. Outdoor Toys

You can bring play houses, slides, swings, sand boxes, picnic tables, basketball hoops, ride-on toys, bikes, trikes, scooters, bike trailers and wagons.

Be sure to clean any outdoor item and make sure there is no dirt or water in it. Magic Erasers work well on these items. These items go fast!

8. Car Seats

Car seats must not be recalled, expired, or have been in a crash to be sold. When you drop off your items, there will be a form for you to sign verifying these requirements.

  • Check the website National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration website to see if it has been recalled.

  • Please look at the tag found on the side of the seat for the manufacture date or the expiration date.

    • If there is only a manufacture date, then the expiration is 5 years after that date. Some newer car seats have a longer life of 6-8 years. These seats will have the expiration date listed on the tag.

    • Please note the expiration date for the seat on your price tag. Also be very descriptive on how it looks…ie “Graco blue and yellow plaid car seat expires Oct 2024).

9. Multiple Piece Sets

For multiple piece sets, such as bedding ensembles, only put a tag with the price on the largest item. Put “1 of x” on the bottom right of the tag.

On the other pieces, attach an index card or masking tape with your consignor number and “2 of x” with no price.

How To Tag Multiple Piece Items

10. Other Items

Here are a few more things you can bring: Nursing items, arts & craft supplies (unused), party supplies, scrapbooking supplies, room decor, kitchen items or anything else to do with kids!

How To Tag Diapers, Feeding and Infant Items

11. Parent Paradise Items

Don’t forget to enter your items for the Parent Paradise Section! These items are re-gifts, house-hold items, décor, kitchen appliances and gadgets, bedding, bath products, office supplies, tools, outdoor items, pet items, and more. We will no longer accept Adult books.

Make sure the items are “like new”, instead of garage sale quality.

Check the Item Restrictions page of the website to see limits for the current sale.

If you have a small and expensive item, be sure to give it to Susan or Rebecca to put in the glass case. Expensive purses are no longer accepted, unless they fit into the glass case.