Shop Early and Score!

5 Ways to Shop Early, Earn More, and Score the Best Deals!

Click these buttons to get any of the Presale passes described on this page.

They will be available about a month prior to each sale.

When you register for a presale, you will receive a confirmation email with your pass number. Print this email out or pull it up on your phone at the door and your name will be marked off the list. 

You can arrive any time after your pre-sale starts and before the sale closes that day.  Doors close at 8pm.  Registers will remain open until 9pm.

Each pass gives access to you and one guest that are shopping for your family only. If your guest wants to shop for their own/a different family, they must get or buy their own pass.

See the Gresham and Jantzen Beach schedule pages for the exact dates and times of each presale.

If you are a consignor, you automatically get access to the both the regular and half-off pre-sales! Sign up to consign first, then register for the presale.

2. Join the Volunteer Team

Our volunteers make this event happen! From setup till teardown, we have a wide variety of positions available.

Volunteers get access to the earliest presales and the half-off presale. Plus, consignors who volunteer earn up to 80% on their sales!  The more you work, the earlier you can shop!

You don’t need to be a consignor to work at the sale. At the log in screen, choose the option towards the bottom to sign up as a “Non-Consigning Worker.” There you will set up a worker account and password.

Find out more information on the Volunteer Team page. Work five shifts to get the maximum rewards!

3. Buy a SUPER Presale Pass

Don't have time to volunteer? No problem. Just buy a pass for $5 to $25 and you can come to a presale!

There are four passes available:

The site will direct you to pay through PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to purchase.

4. VIPs, Heroes, and Teachers

These presales are all Free to those who qualify.

Very Important Parents

Super Heroes

Please bring your department, military, school or state ID along with your pass.

Super Teachers

Please bring your school ID along with your pass.

If you fit any of the descriptions above, we want to help you out and honor you by giving you free access to the presales.

5. Sign Up to Provide Meals or Snacks

This is for Non-Consignors only.

Our volunteers will be working hard and build up quite the appetite! We need people who can provide meals for about 8 volunteers each, or provide $10-$15 worth of shareable snacks for throughout the day.

The meals team gets access to shop at 12pm on the first day of presales and snacks team gets to shop at 2pm. Click one of the buttons below to sign up for a meal or snack shift.

Meals should be brought fresh during the time you selected.  We give recommendations of what to bring, but you can always ask to bring something else.

You will see the drop-off times for snacks when you sign up.  Please bring the recommended $10-15 worth, instead of just one bag of candy. 

You can always text Susan for more specific questions at 503-866-1875. 

Again, click these buttons to get any of the presale passes described on this page.