What's New Spring 2022

  1. Expired Items: This is our new word for items that have been in the sale too many times and need to either have their price reduced or donated. At the top of your tags, there will be a description such as "SuperKids Resale Spring 2018". If you have tags that don't have a year, then those tags are from 2017 or earlier. So if your item does not have a year or has the year 2018, and you have consigned that item at every sale, then we have sorted that item 15 times!!! That is a lot of work for sorters.

So if you have an item that has been in 4 sales, please consider lowering the price or donating, especially if it $1-3. Or if you have an item for $1-2 and 1/2 price, maybe donating after one sale would be a good idea. For clothing you can let an item go through that season 2 times (IE if it is a coat, then you can let it go through 2 fall sales). It is not as time consuming to sort a shirt (assuming you have other clothes) than to sort an item into a box. As sorters we have been sorting the same items sale after sale and we are spending way too much time on low value items at 1-2am!

If you have a tag without a year, then please do not bring these items to the sale. If we find any item over the time limit, we will bring the item to the rejected area with your tag stapled.

  1. Stricter No-Show Enforcement: We have been super flexible in the past when a volunteer hasn’t shown up to work, but the rule has always been that a $15 fee will be charged, and this will now be enforced. For the last sale season, we had over 80 shifts of no shows. If a schedule conflict comes up, please find a replacement volunteer. If a real emergency arises, please text Susan at 503-866-1875.

  2. Items That We Cannot Take as Donate: There are certain items that the charities will not take. Please don't leave us with any cribs or any baby gear. This presents a hardship for us and our only option is to take it to the dump. You will be charged if we have to dispose of your item.

  3. Consignor Teams: If you have consigned in the past with your sister or friend under one consignor number, we ask if you would please get separate consignor numbers. This makes it fair for everyone to volunteer the same amount of hours to reap the benefits of earning more %.

  4. Super Sellers: As of Spring 2019, there are new rules associated with being a Super Seller, sellers bringing in more than 400 items. You are requested to come early on Sunday before the sort shift, like at 3pm, to try to gather the majority of your items. This doesn't count as a shift. You can work a sort shift after, but I suggest you just spend your time packing up your stuff instead. If you do work a sort shift, please give us your time to complete the sort instead of working on your items. You will receive an email if you are considered a Super Seller.

  5. Presale Guests: You are only allowed to bring an immediate family member with you, such as a spouse, partner, mom, dad, or in-laws (anyone shopping for your kids only), to the presale.

    • If your friend or sister wants to come shop the presale, then they need to sign up to be a consignor, or only be helping you shop for your child(ren). This is a special privilege for those who have put in the hard work to be a consignor. Thanks for understanding.

  6. Wire Hangers and Safety Pins: Wire hangers are no longer accepted. Safety pins are no longer accepted to attach your tag to your item. You can still use them to attach pants to a hanger.


Look at the Item Restrictions page for a full list of acceptable/unacceptable items and seasonal guidelines.

  1. New Items Not Being Accepted:

    • We are only accepting new arts & crafts and party items. Please don't bring partially used items. No scrapbooking stamps.

    • We are no longer accepting adult scarves and adult books. Adult movies are ok.

    • We are not accepting Bathing Suits, Life Jackets and Pool Toys for the Fall sales.

    • Other miscellaneous unacceptable items are single flat sheets, PJ bottoms or tops that were originally part of a set, naked Barbies, promotional materials like cups, Dollar Tree books, used coloring books, canvas drawstring bag, free diaper bags.

  2. Book limit: There is a new 50 book limit per consignor.